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Morgantown, WV


Dan Friend - welcome to my FAA WEBSITE

If you want a print digitally signed, e mail which print before ordering and I will send you link to digitally signed image.. DFriend150@gmail.com

Although my love for photography started when I saw that B&W print come to life in the developer tray under a amber safe-light, digital photography and Photoshop renewed an old love affair for me.
I often use the tools of modern photography, to capture and enhance my images..
Today I license images for all manner of commercial and editorial use and sell fine art prints.

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West Virginia University - campus scenes

Scenes of West Virginia

Birds in flight

Pixel Paintography

Playing with H20


Fall Scenes

Cardinals male and female

DeeDee model in Speakeasy Bar

Wood Ducks

Mandy Shaffer

Birds of prey

Grey Fox

Gallery for T Shirt images

Red Foxes

Brown Bear


Mackinac Island Michigan

Mother brown bear and two cubs

Anhinga feeding on fish

Black Bear



Dance and musical



Purple Fiddle

Slice of West Virginia

Beach and southern scenes and nature

Varsity Sports

Wild animals

Wild Horses

WV State heart designed for apparel

Beer and guns

Liquid and glass

Accessories with photos on them

Sandhill Cranes and snow Geese in Nebraska

Grey squirrels in backyard playing instrumentals in their band

Napa Valley and Lake Tahoe

Night Scenes

Archer Fish

Domesticated animals

Squirrels and chipmunks


Morgantown West Virginia

Cades cove scenes

Canadian scenes and Long Island Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island and animals

River View farm cattle drive

Winter scenes

Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park

Black and White images


Most Popular Fine Art Prints


West Virginia Wesleyan College and Buckhannon area

Homer Alaska and Katmai National Park and Preserve

wedding pictures on beach Commercial Licensing - model releases available

Images to hang in a mans room

The West Virginia State Penitentiary

Reptiles and fish

Post Cards

Bugs and crawly things

Animals that use to roam the Appalachian mountains



West Virginia - Home of Anna Jarvis - Mother Day founder

Images from Utah and Wyoming

Artistic Portraits

Texas scenes

Ralph's Art Work

Angie's Creations

WVU Licensed images

Emily working out at gym - available for licensing

Mercedes - dancer

Ally at the waterfalls

Ally and corvette

Emily body builder - Commercial licensing - model release available

Ally jogging in woods

Mercedes in a tree

Ileana - Commercial licensing - body builder

Eleonore Cycling

Nudes - Commercial licensing - Restricted nudes

Mercedes at the lake

Patty Smith

Work at home mom


Tara Smith

Kat at the waterfalls

Nina Vs Flour

Kat by the window